A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was created for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018 ! Vote for it here!

Street Friends is a fighting game without fighting. Instead, you go onto the street and make friends! It's a very sensible title. Compliment people you find, and when they're feeling happy with you, go up and give them a brisk handshake. Watch out if they're angry, though...

Controls: A and D to move left and right, E to give compliments, and Q to extend your hand for a shake.

DESIGN, VOICE: Kyrstin McMaster
QA: Jarrod 'DocNinj' Roberts
RAD TUNE: Gil H. Steinberg

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withlibGDX
Tags2D, Arcade, Funny, Parody
Average sessionA few minutes


Street Friends.zip 18 MB

Install instructions

Street Friends is an executable .JAR file. In order to run it, you must have Java installed on your computer. From there, it should be as simple as double clicking on the program; if that doesn't work, please look up how to run a .JAR executable on your operating system.


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This is great! Did you work alone or worked in group? Art is Soo much Better.

thanks! this is mostly a solo project but others provided some voice acting and design advice


Great, charming twist on the fighting game genre. Check out my reactions below: 


cheers, i'm glad you enjoyed!


We laughed, a lot :3

Good idea and good execution !

thank you very much!


Haven't even played it yet, already love it.