A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"A Night Alone" is a brief 2D horror-platformer where you need to rescue your cat. can you brave the terrors of the night to get you and your pet home safely? and if you're a true master... can you unlock and beat nightmare mode?!

the game has a retro aesthetic, featuring  graphics with a 6-color palette and spooky chiptune music. i can recommend it to fans of horror games, platformer games, retro games, or people who just want a quick but thrilling experience.

Install instructions

A Night Alone is an executable .JAR file. In order to run it, you must have Java installed on your computer. From there, it should be as simple as double clicking on the program; if that doesn't work, please look up how to run a .JAR executable on your operating system.

A Night Alone supports XBox 360 controllers and keyboards. If you have an XBox 360 controller, plug it in, then launch the game. Otherwise, it will default to keyboard controls.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about A Night Alone, please email me at byninegiga@gmail.com. If you'd like to see more similar content, follow me at bynineb.tumblr.com. Thanks and enjoy!


ANightAlone_v1_5.zip 24 MB


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looks awesome!  do you know a good .jar emulator that will play this?

hi supervillain! what are you trying to run the game on? if it's just on your PC then all you'll need to do is install java and run it

Neat art style and fun to play, nice stuff.


thank you very much! i'm glad you enjoyed 

Made a Video!

Deleted post

sorry my reply is late, but thank you very much for doing these videos! i appreciate it.


hi, thx for this really great game. great style and story. i love it. cool atmosphere and artwork. i had a lot of fun. big thx and greetings from germany. i played it with an old laptop and xbox controller and had no problems...great :) thx

glad you enjoyed it! thanks for playing! looks like your frame rate was pretty bad though, the game isn't nearly that slow lol


The art, it is so CUTE!!!!