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Hey there :) Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your game! It was very wholesome, heartwarming & uplifting.

I found the clue system very refreshing (instead of just clicking on a question mark for hints haha) & it was cool how there were "hidden paths" just like when exploring a real forest ^^ The hand-drawn art style gives the whole game a fairy-tale/storybook feel. I also liked how the dialogue brought the cute & quirky characters in Wabika to life.

It was interesting how Forest's Secret & Mystery of the Frost had different play styles. The puzzles & mini-games in Mystery of the Frost were a welcome touch after the quest system in Forest's Secret. I also liked how we're free to continue exploring & unlocking additional content/character dialogue in Wabika after finishing the main story. Just makes the exploratory experience feel even more authentic!

Thank you so much for creating this~

what a lovely thing to say! thank you so much for playing!


soooo coooozy i loved every second


the game seems really awesome but i did what I needed to get the game working on my mac does anyone have any tips on how to get it to work

hello! do you have java installed?

yeah i do but it wouldn’t open im on a mini mac tho that shouldn’t be an issue right?

correct, that shouldn't be an issue. what do you mean by "wouldn't open"? when you double click the .jar file what happens?


Very nice game! At first I didn't really understand what to do but then it became very addicting! All of those small details are very nice too!! 


This game was absolutely beautiful. I loved getting to know all of the characters and the little details made it that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend it!!


Clearly a very well made game! Everything from the story to art style are pleasant and fit well together. I especially enjoyed the smaller details (different Freb shells, extra postgame details, the mailbox, etc.), they really added another layer of depth. Would definitely recommend for a lot of people due to the simple game mechanics and fairly easy puzzles.


I tried the game and i just felled in love with it, the character are very heart warming and it was a real pleasure to play this game!


I finally got around

to playing your game and I adore it so far! I hope to play more soon!

thanks for playing!!

Hi! this game looks so cool but whenever i start it doesnt let me click new journey? can u help pls

hello! the game is controlled with the keyboard. check the README for control instructions


By the way i just finish the first part of this game. And


I love the idea combining pixel style with normal style! Maybe i will make game with that style. Thank you so much for this game! 😃

yay! thanks for playing 

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Hello, i found this game using Randomizer in Itch, and it's look interesting!

but, do you know what is the system requirements to run this game? I'm afraid my Laptop can't handle it

Thank you!


I have a 2gb ram, and the game is run smoothly

and i'm using Linux Mint 20.3. if you guys had a problem running this game with openjdk, you can download the java from this tutorial:

i hope this help! :D

hello! what do you mean by "can't handle it"? does the game not start? 

Hey, thanks for replying!

I have leptop with 2gb ram, and i'm worried the game need more ram than 2gb (assuming from the nice graphic in gamw screenshot)

By the way i already download the game., But it can't started. What java version i need to play the game?

Thank you :D

as long as you have the most recent version of java, it should run fine! if it doesn't, email me at byninegiga AT gmail DOT com and we can diagnose further 

oh yes also, some people have mentioned it having better compatibility with java 8, so if the most recent version doesn't work, try that!

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by the way i forgot to add some information ("^^)

i'm using Linux Mint 20.3 and i think i have Java 11 (it's an openjdk version)

i'm still a beginner in linux mint, and i don't know how to install java 8

Edit: Finally can run the game by installing Java 8 :D

this is the tutorial to install java 8:


A cute, cozy game, with great writing, visuals, and impeccable sound design. Along with compelling characters and a nice story, the puzzles, while not very difficult, are interesting, while still fitting in with the overall vibe of the game. Highly recommend!


This is such a pleasure! I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like the ink-and-watercolor take on pixel graphics; it's distinctive and charming and cozy, and easily my favorite bit of a lovely little game. My only complaint is that I, personally, cannot live the rest of my life in the pumpkin village, which is a shame.

gosh, thanks!

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Veri good game i like the adventure and the story, especially some character are just funny and cool.. Worth your time, I make a video about this game because it just veri good game. maaaan.. i hope there a new “additional content” with new story. but i think that too much.

thanks for playing!!


Hi, first I loved playing your game and wish you luck for the next one :) I kinda finished it but now I just need to find the way to craft the key to unlock the door that was frozen on the bottom of the mountain in the Mystery of the Frost. I already got the strange, odd and weird shards, I just can't find the last one (or the place where to merge them into a key). Please help 😂


Ah nevermind, I found it. It was in the book store. 😁

well done!


this game is sooo cute and lovely 


I really enjoyed playing this game and I love cute cozy games like this one. I was wondering however, I'm struggling to find the autumn seed and it's the last bit I need could anyone give me any hints?

hello! it can be hidden pretty well - it's a white, fluffy seed. check near the bridges in the autumnal section - it might be partly obscured by a tree


this game is lovely! everything from the adorable art style to the calming soundtrack was wonderfully made, and along with the intriguing quests and cute characters...all those elements contributed to this being one of the most enjoyable games i've played in a long while- good job!!!

thank you so much for playing and for your kind words!


This was so much fun! The gameplay was sweet, the art style beyond charming, the whole experience as cozy as can be. Thank you so much for making this, Bynine, it was a real joy to play!

i'm glad you enjoyed it!!


I've played this game before, and today i finished replaying it! It's such a cute game and so well done that i have it saved on my pc so that i remember to play it again. This game gives me the same vibes as Wuppo, which is also an underrated game (also I recommend looking it up if you liked this one). 

I was wondering if you where thinking of releasing this on steam or making a continuation, because I would gladly buy this game! If not, it's also fine :) this is a gem on it's own.

thanks so much! i am working on another game, and while it's not really the same genre it has a lot of similar elements. i hope you will enjoy it too. ill be sure to check out wuppo!!


So insanely sweet, thank you for making this! It's by far one of my favorite games on


aww, thank you for playing!

i cant play the game because i dont have any file to open the game,can someone help me plss

hi sara! can you please explain what you mean? do you have java installed?

yes i have it installed but idk wich file i need to click on to open the game

That would be the .jar file! is it not working?


my computer was reading .jar files as winrar files but i´ve changed it and i can play the game now, good job on the game btw its very cute!


hello, i have the same issue, my computer reads it with archive manager application, how did you manage to make it work please ? :)


i love this game it made me cry, its so peaceful, and in the end you want more, glad that mystery of the forst is here!


awesome, i'm glad you enjoyed!!

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As I have experienced, the game only runs with the Java 8 version. There are two possible solutions:
- In the source code it is possible to switch (with some modifications) to LWJGL version 3 (
- The jar file can also be run with your own jre (I did that too), plus the whole fun can be packaged into a single executable binary that will work like a simple native application.

I wrote all this only because I hope that as many people as possible can run this game without any problems. :)

oh, that's some helpful stuff! ill look into this and see if i can pack it in this way. thanks so much for taking the time!

I need help, not sure if Flash is required though it doesn't exist anymore. I downloaded it and when I click the game, it says to look for an app in the microsoft store to run the game. What do I do?

hello! did you check the "download and install instructions"  on the screen where you downloaded the game?

The only thing that came with it was the .jar file and the controls/credits, I'm using Windows 10 and it should work, but I don't have anything to run .jar files. What do you use?

you'll need to install java!

Oh, thanks. If i do install it, I'll play it.


Probably one of my favorite games on now! It gave me strong Undertale vibes between the story, art, and individual personalities of each of the characters, but with cozy guitar music and a pleasing, non-violent storyline.


Just finished going through the whole game. Loved it! I really enjoyed exploring and helping out all the characters. Would love a fullscreen mode though but enjoyed it regardless. Surprised this isn't on Steam!


Such a heartwarming and cozy experience! I loved the quests and character's stories, especially the warrior one. It was just so sad! I'm nearly finished with the Mystery of the Frost storyline which I'm really enjoying so far. And I almost forgot to mention how great the art was! Beautiful and immersive world to play through, thank you for making this game!


A genuinely great way to unwind and get cozy, love it!


I love this game, there are so many small little things that makes this world just come alive.


This was such a cozy and sweet experience. Such a gentle way to spend a bit of your day


For anyone reading this and deciding whether to play Forest's Secret, I highly suggest that you do so. In fact, I implore you to do so. Trust me on this...

Damn. looks like everyone has one problem or another.


Illegal reflective access (0x7f) when running with OpenJDK 14. Does it only work with a certain version of Java?

hmm, i haven't heard of that error! i tested the game with JDK 8, so that may be preferable. please let me know if that works!

Doesn't open for some odd weird strange reason I don't know why.

Btw I'm using linux but it shouldn't matter since it's a java file, and I made it executable even tried both java rte 11 and 8, 11 had an error message and 8 showed up nothing but in itch the website it stlil didn't launch.

i'm very sorry to hear that! can i ask what the error message is?

Well i switched distro’s from mint to popos so i don’t even remember but I’m going to try again

  Exit code 0x7f (127) for (forests_secret_v2_1.jar) and i also tried making the jar executable but still the same error message

I am completely lost on mystery of the frost

i'm sorry to hear that! you can let me know where you're stuck either here or by email at byninegiga AT gmail DOT com


this was a lovely spot to wander in for a while. i had a nice evening finding everything and helping everyone out! 


Great game!


One word: beautiful. Sincere congratulations.


Love the game so much that I was sad when I thought it was over, and then it wasn't! I could come back and go through another whole adventure because of the frost section! It was awesome. You really get attached to all the characters and their stories as you try to help them out. I even helped more than four people even if I just needed four objects of selflessness. The only problem I have with this game is that I'm not sure if it has an ending? I finished all of the game, or at least I think I did, but then it wouldn't tell me that it was done so I wondered for another hour to see if I missed something because I wanted to really 100% finish it, but there was nothing else I could do. 


hello! glad you enjoyed the game. i suppose either the credits sequence or the party for you could be viewed as the game's ending, but it doesn't really have an ending per say - it only ends when you're done with it. i didn't want this game to feel like a series of objectives to be completed, more like a world that you can visit as you please. i apologize for your wasted time!

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